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Association of Evangelicals of Liberia
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Name of Church/Organization
Name of Church/Organization
1. Abendengo S. Daniel (Individual)   151. Gardnersville Wesleyan Church
2. Abide in the Vine Fellowship   152. Gbarnga Faith Pentecostal Church
3. Abundance Grace Church   153. Glory of God Church
4. Abundant Life Christian Center   154. God Is Our Light Church
5. ACFI   155. God Word Never Fail Church
6. African Child Liberation Corp’s   156. God’s Elect Fellowship Center
7. Agape Christian Fellowship   157. God’s Liberation Ministry, Inc
8. AICA   158. Grace Baptist Church
9. AICA   159. Grace Christian Fellowship, Inc.
10. All Christian Development and Relief Services International, Inc.    160. Grace Tabernacle Evangelical Church
11. Apostolic Outreach Church International   161. Great Commission Movement
12. Assembly of God Church   162. Greater Grace Ministries
13. Assembly of God Church   163. Greater Love Tabernacle Church
14. Assembly of God Church   164. Greater Refuge Outreach Church
15. Assembly of God Church   165. Greenville Community Church
16. Assembly of God Church    
17. Assembly of God Church Compound  
18. Assembly of God Inland Church   166. Haggai Temple
  167. Holy Chapel of God and Christ Church
  168. Holy Church of Christ
19. B. A. C. M. Prayer of Tower Church   169. Holy Church of Christ Mission
20. Bafu Bay Church   170. Holy Mountain
21. Baffu-Bay Pentecostal Church of Liberia   171. Highway Fellowship of Christian Assemblies
22. Bahr Town Evangelical Church  
23. Baipai Inland Church  
24. Barclay Memorial Church   172. International Bible Church
25. BCCI   173. International Church Center
26. Benefield Christ Church   174. International Church of Monrovia
27. Berea Assembly of God Church   175. International Pentecostal Holiness Church
28. Bethany Pentecostal Church   176. Immanuel A. M. E. Zion Church
29. Bethany Temple   177. Impact Community Church
30. Bethel Baptist Church    
31. Bethel Bushrod Island  
32. Bethel Kakata Church   178. Jasper Grant United Methodist Church
33. Bethel Temple Church of God in Christ   179. Jesus Clinic Ministries International
34. Bethel Temple Assembly of God Church   180. Jireh Full Gospel Ministries : Faith Mission”
35. Bethel World Outreach Center   181. Joseph T. Sorbor Memorial Mission for Today
36. Bethel World Outreach Ministry   182. Joy Temple Ministry
37. Bethel World Outreach Ministries   183. Julius C. W. Kroma, Sr. (Individual)
38. Betty Jonah Orphanage Home  
39. Bible Pentecostal Church  
40. Bible Society in Liberia   184. Kilo Town F. C. A.
41. Bomi Christian Network   185. Kononia Baptist Church
42. Bomi Evangelical Church   186. Kollie Kaine-ta Lutheran Church
43. Born Again Christian Assembly   187. Karnga Baptist Church
44. Brewerville Evangelical Church   188. Karlor Memorial Trinity
45. Brooklyn Community Church/CCM, Inc.   189. Kulah By-Pass Assembly of God Church
46. Building for Jesus Outreach Church    
  190. LCEM
47. Calvary Chapel Paynesville   191. Life of Christ Ministries Church
48. Calvary Church of Faith   192. Life Foundation Children Ministry
49. Calvary Praise Ministries   193. Liberia Assemblies of God Church
50. Calvary Praise Sanctuary   194. Liberia Assembly of God Bible College
51. Calvary Revival Church   195. Liberia Association of Theological Institutions
52. CAPRO   196. Liberia Association of Gospel Musical Artists
53. Chapel of Praise int’l   197. Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary
54. Central Christian Assembly   198. Liberia Center for Leadership Development
55. CFM   199. Liberia Church Mediation Committee
56. Child Evangelism Fellowship   200. Liberia Evangel Church
57. Children Evangelism Ministry, Inc.   201. Liberia Translation and Literacy Organization
58. Children of Salvation   202. Lighthouse Full Gospel Church
59. Children For Jesus Ministry, Inc   203. Light of the World Baptist Church
60. Christ Chapel   204. Light of the World Baptist Church
61. Christ Deliverance Church   205. Living Hope Mission Church
62. Christ Evangelical Fellowship Ministries   206. Living Word Outreach Mission
63. Christ Evangelistic Prayer & Healing Ministry   207. Logan Town Assembly of God Church
64. Christ Gospel Ministries   208. Logan Town Wesleyan Church
65. Christ Lutheran Church   209. Lutheran Church
66. Christ Miracle of Life Abundant Life Ministries Pentecostal Church    
67. Christ Miracle Church  
68. Christ Missionary Assembly Church   210. Maranatha Apostolic Pentecostal Church
69. Christ Restoration Ministry   211. Messiah Baptist Church
70. Christ Resurrection Power   212. Mighty Wind Fellowship
71. Christ Unity Agape Mission   213. Mission Bethel Ministries
72. Christ Vision Church –AICA Ministry of Hope   214. Mission Bethel Ministries
73. Christian African Pentecostal Church   215. Mission Interior For Christ Ministry
74. Christian Alliance Ministry, Soul Winning Church   216. Mission Interior For Christ Ministry
75. Christian  Bible Church Center   217. Mt. Zion Baptist Church
76. Christian Bible Church and Center-Kpequoi Town   218. Monrovia Evangelical Church
77. Christian Faith Ministry   219. Mount Calvary Temple of Jesus Christ
78. Christian Fellowship Church   220. Mount Carmel Fellowship
79. Christian In Action Mission   221. Mount Carmel Open Bible Church
80. Christian In Action Mission   222. Mount Sanai Temple
81. Christian In Action Mission   223. Mount Sina United House of Prayer
82. Christian Missionary Foundation   224. Mount Zion Church of God
83. Christian Life International   225. Mt. Calvary Holy Pentecostal Church
84. Christian Life Pentecostal Church   226. Mt. Calvary Temple of Jesus Christ Ministry, Inc.
85. Christian Pentecostal Church   227. Mt. Sinai
86. Church of Christ   228. Mt. Sinai Evangelical Church
87. Church of God   229. Mt. Scott United Methodist Church
88. Church of Nazarene    
89. Community of Jesus Church  
90. Compound Assembly of God   230. Narrow Gate Temple
91. Compound Lutheran Church   231. National Grassroots Pastor Association
92. Concerned Christian Mission   232. New Creation Pentecostal Church
93. Conqueror United Pentecostal Church   233. New Creation Pentecostal Church
94. Crossroad Assembly of God   234. New Creation Pentecostal Church
    235. New Creation Pentecostal Church
  236. New Georgia Baptist Church
95. Divine Touch of Christ Ministries   237. New Hope Family Ministry
96. Dominion Chapel Int’l Churches   238. New Kru Town Open Bible Church
97. 12 Disciples of Jesus Christ   239. New Life Mission Church
98. 12 Disciples of Jesus Christ   240. New Life Victory Church of Christ
99. Dominion Christian Fellowship Church   241. New Testament Baptist Church 
100. D. R. Horton Memorial Baptist Church   242. New Testament Pentecostal Church
101. Duport Road Baptist Church   243. New Resurrection of Jesus Christ Ministries
102. E. Naklen Temple   244. One Flesh Family Ministries Int.
103. Ebenezer Baptist Church   245. Open Bible Church
104. Ebenezer Baptist Church   246. Open Bible Standard Church
105. ECLCM   247. Open Bible Standard Church
106. Elim Chapel Assemblies of God Church    
107. Emmanuel Baptist Church  
108. Emmanuel Temple (AICA)   248. Pan African Christian Women Alliance
109. Evangel Outreach Ministries   249. Parker Paint Assembly of God Church
110. Evangelicals Christian Church   250. Paynesville Assembly of God Church
111. Evangelical Christian Literature Crusade   251. Pentecostal Church Valley Center
112. Evangelical Equipping Ministries of Saints International   252. Philadelphia Church
113. Evangelical Free Church   253. Philadelphia Central Church
114. Evangelical Free Church   254. PHP Evangelical Church (AICA)
115. Evangelical House of Prayer   256. Power & Victory Temple-Blesseth Pentecostal  Church
116. Evangelical Lutheran Church   257. Prayer Chapel Pentecostal Church
117. Evangelical Theological Seminary of Liberia   258. Preach the Word Tabernacle
    259. Prison Fellowship of Liberia
118. Fairfield Baptist Church  
119. Faith And Victory Church   260. Rapture Missionary Baptist Church
120. Faith and Victory Church   261. RCCG
121. Faith and Victory Church   262. Refuge World Reach Ministry
122. Faith Baptist Church   263. Redeemed Team Min.
123. Faith Builders Evangelical Ministries   264. Redeemed Team Min.
124. Faith Church of God In Christ, Inc.   265. Redeemed Team
125. Faith Community Fellowship Church   266. Redeemer Baptist Church
126. Faith Open Bible Church   267. Renewal Fellowship Church
127. Faith Pentecostal Church   268. Reunion Christian Fellowship Church
128. Family Life Mission   269. Revival Temple Evangelical Church
129. Family Society in Liberia   270. Rock Assembly of God Church
130. FCA   271. Ross United Methodist Church
131. F. C. A.  
132. F. C. A.  
133. Fellowship of Christian Assembly (FCA)   272. Salvation In Christ Church
134. First Apostolic Light House   273. Salvation In Christ Church
135. First Apostolic Light House Ministries   274. Salvation Temple
136. First Assembly of God Church   275. Second Assembly of God Church
137. First Assembly of God Church   276. Shiloh Baptist Church
138. First Assembly of God Church   277. Spiritual Life International Ministries
139. First Assembly of God Church   278. Spirit of Faith Christian Center
140. First United Church of Christ   279. Standard Assembly of God Church
141. First United Christ Temple Church   280. Star Baptist Church
142. First United American Methodist Episcopal Church   281. Star of Bethlehem
143. First United Mission of Christ   282. Stephen Amuchan Saymenlay Henries
144. Free Methodist Church   283. Sinkor Assembly of God
145. Free Pentecostal Mission Global Church   284. Sinkor Evangelical Church
146. Free Pentecostal Mission Global Church   285. Sireh Faith
147. Free Pentecostal Global Mission   286. St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church
148. Free Pentecostal  of Liberia   287. St. Barth. Lutheran Church
149. Free Pentecostal Church   288. St. Peter Lutheran Church
150. Full Gospel Pentecostal Church   289. St. Paul Lutheran Church
  300. St. Paul Lutheran Church
  301. St. Jude Lutheran Church
304. Temple of Christ Church   302. Stockton Creek Wesleyan Church
305. The Church of God Christian Fellowship, Inc   303. Sugar Hill Assembly of God Church
306. The Church of the Lord (Aladura) Church  
307. The Church of Pentecostal  
308. The First of Love Faith   318. ULIC Monsterrado Widows
309. The Salvation Army   319. United Baptist Church
310. The Salvation Army-Paynesville Crops   320. United Christian Church
311. The Salvation Church of God Int’l   321. United Christian Church
312. Tongues of Fire Assembly   322. United Christian Fellowship Church
313. Tuskegee United Methodist Church   323. United Christian Ministries First Church
314. Tuwah Town Assembly of God Church   324. United Liberia Inland church
315. Trumpet Baptist Church   325. United Liberia Inland Church
316. Trumpet New Georgia Church of Christ   326. United Methodist Church
317. Truth Is The Way Extension Church   327. United Pentecostal Church
    328. United Redeemed Church of Holiness
  329. United Redeemer Church
332. Vahnyeamah Assembly of God Church   330. United Voice of Pentecostal in Christ Church
333. Victory Outreach Church   331. Upper Room Ministry
334. Voice of the Last Day Ministry    
  335. Walk Thru The Bible Church
341. Young and Adult Ministries   336. West Africa Gospel Mission
    337. Willie Memorial Baptist Church
  338. Word of Reconciliation Church
342. Zion Ebenezer Baptist Church   339. World Overcomers Chapel
343. Zorlesu Community Revival Church   340. W. N. Ross United Methodist Church
344. Zuakiosue Assembly of God Church    

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